SeraphCorp Institute

The science and art of learning

The Difference

We’re about a different kind of learning.

We are not the biggest leadership training institute in the market. Nor are we the most glamorous. What we are is simply good honest craftsmen offering interventions that will make a real difference to you and your organisation.

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This is how we do it our way:

We see ourselves as craftsmen facilitating the art of growing leaders. Like craftsmen, we give each facet of our programmes the time and attention it deserves. Just as we offer each leader the time and attention he requires. Our goal is pure and simple: to have every organisation and every leader come away from our programmes fundamentally changed in some way.

Like craftsmen, we manage the learning process with care, patience and precision. Our three-step process involves:


On your invitation, we go in and identify your organisation’s learning edge and needs through interviews, focus groups, surveys and meetings with your stakeholders.


We identify what interventions will be appropriate for your needs and custom design interventions to address these needs. For example, we may devise programmes to expand the capacity of key personnel who perform in leadership roles within the organisation.


We measure the efficacy of our designed interventions thoroughly. It matters to us that they work for you.

SeraphCorp is a learning community of leaders. Because we believe that it takes a leader to guide leaders, we carefully curate and assemble our team from the ranks of leaders. Our faculty members have been variously CEO, CFO, general manager, founders of companies, head banker and director. Our team boasts extensive experience in the fields of: aviation, civil service, engineering, banking, manufacturing and property development.

The strength of our faculty stands on two legs:
• The strength of our faculty members’ experience as leaders in industry, and
• Their experience as leaders of learning. This, we build in our team members each and every month.

One thing that defines us is our ethos. Simply put: it matters to us that we run an ethics-based practice.

Our clients trust us. They let us into their world. They trust that we will help them. And we are compelled to discharge honourably that trust.

This means a few things.

It means that on every project, we hold ourselves accountable to our clients and to the government. It means that we hire only people who share our values and our vision. And it means that we keep on learning.

These few pledges translate to very substantial commitments on our part. It means that:-

We measure all our results. We care about delivering real results. And so we ardently measure if we delivered what you paid for. We chiefly measure the difference our programmes make on the learner and in the organisation. We also measure whether our clients successfully implemented what was taught in the workplace and if the result was worth the money spent.

• Employee engagement score • Turnover rate • Absenteeism rate • Profitability of the company • Organisational health Click HERE to read more about our PDPA policy.

Leaders leading learning

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Measurement of the results is independent and unbiased.

We are one of the few in the WSQ leadership sphere offering team-based facilitation. Despite the fact that it raises our cost, it is our principle to have every class conducted by two faculty members. This provides for good facilitator-learner ratio. Equally important, it means every participant gets two assessors. This injects checks and balances into the grading processes, increasing accountability for the quality of our teaching and the quality of the grades we hand out. Greater engagement level. Greater accountability. It’s all good news.

We equip our trainers with the andragogy skills to understand the learning needs of adult learners so that they can teach adults better. We also equip them with all the tools of contemporary Transactional Analysis. Contemporary Transactional Analysis is an integrative approach to the theory of psychology and psychotherapy. It is a cognitive behavioural approach to treatment and an effective way of dealing with internal models of self and others as well as other psychodynamic issues. To ensure that our knowledge and skills stay current and relevant, we regularly close the company for capacity building. Every year, for instance, we shut down SeraphCorp for a couple of weeks and fly down thought leaders and industry experts to train us.

To eliminate blind spots about ourselves, we regularly submit ourselves to the rigorous and independent assessment of global boards such as the International Transactional Analysis and the European Association for Transactional Analysis. We are also regularly audited by our government stakeholders.