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Tham Woon Choong

Learning Consultant
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Woon Choong has more than 30 years of business development experience, mostly with public listed multinational corporations from the United State of America and Germany. Nineteen of these years, he was part of the senior management team, with last ten years heading subsidiary and business operation in Asia Pacific Region, reporting to CEO.

His key roles and responsibility involves strategizing and leading teams in product, market and organisation growth along with Profit and Loss responsibility. The last ten years, spearheading the expansion of the company footprint in Asia Pacific thru market penetration, strategic partnership & distribution, manufacturing, acquisitions and building teams.

He has a wealth of industrial experience ranging from safety & security, oil & gas, petrochemical, electronic, aerospace, automotive, marine, construction, high speed rail, power generation & distribution, specialty material and commercial graphic & signage market segments.

Woon Choong is a certified Master Black Belt, Six Sigma, with a US Corporation. He was a pioneering batch that assist in launching Six Sigma Initiative into Singapore and subsequently expanding into the SEA Region. Apart from project creation & management that focuses on Cost, Cash and Growth improvement for the company, he was involved in setting up training and facilitation infrastructure along with contextualisation of curriculum with guidance from appointed training consultants.

Woon Choong holds a Master in Training & Development from Griffith University and a Bachelor of Business from Curtin University. He is ACTA and DACE certified by the Institute of Adult Learning.

Woon Choong is a part-time consultant and facilitator with SeraphCorp Institute.

Is also

Woon Choong has two grown up adult children who used to greet him “Mr ATM is back” each time he returned from his travel. His other half (which is the better half), has been taking care of all matters relating to the family and home. They are all a blessing from God. He enjoy golfing, cycling, trekking and reading.


  • WSQ Leadership Courses (Levels 3-5)
  • WSQ Critical Core Skills (CCS) Courses
  • WSQ Business Management Courses
  • SeraphCorp’s bespoke programmes