SeraphCorp Institute

Michelle Sinfuego

Course Administrator

Michelle joined SeraphCorp in March 2021 as a Course Administrator, assuming the primary responsibility of providing administrative support to the company. She diligently ensures that all her administrative tasks are delivered on time, contributing to the overall efficiency of daily operations. Michelle feels grateful to be part of the team, as the company fosters a positive work environment that inspires and motivates her to work towards the shared purpose, values, and trust of the organization.

Is also

Born and raised in the Philippines, Michelle cherishes the experiences of her upbringing. As an only child, she has developed a love for going out and exploring different places. She thoroughly enjoys engaging in outdoor activities with her family, creating cherished memories together. In her leisure time, Michelle has found a particular interest in watching “Tiny House Nation” on Netflix. The concept of having a tiny home on wheels intrigues her, and she often dreams of having one when her children have established their own lives. This aspiration brings her joy and serves as a source of inspiration for her future endeavors.