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Kerry Tan

Learning Consultant
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Kerry Tan is passionate about working with people to explore their strengths and weaknesses are and find out how to put both (yes, even the weaknesses!) to their best advantage. She also loves building teams that are diverse because she believes that one person’s weakness can be complemented by another person’s strength, and together, the team becomes a mighty force to be reckoned with. Kerry is also a super planner who plans everything down to the last decimal point. Be it work projects, travel itineraries or even the next venue for a gathering, she has a plan, a back-up plan and a back-up to the back-up plan. She draws experience from more than 20 years of work experience in the public and private sectors, and has worked with diverse teams through day-to-day tribulations and major organizational changes.

Kerry graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor in Journalism. She also has a Masters in Interpreting and Translation (Chinese-English) from the Shanghai International Studies University.

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While she is super organised at work, Kerry is happy to follow her whims and fancy in real life. She has spent three months as a summer camp counselor in a girl scouts camp in the middle of Ohio where she encountered snakes in her sleeping bag, spiders the size of her palm and kamikaze mosquitoes. She has also walked more than 700km for a pilgrimage, and 15 years later, decided to repeat the experience. Last but not least, she enjoys baking bread though she doesn’t like to eat them, so she continuously has to find ways to foist them on people.


  • WSQ Leadership Courses (Levels 3-5)
  • WSQ Critical Core Skills (CCS) Courses
  • WSQ Business Management Courses
  • SeraphCorp’s bespoke programmes