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James Westberry

Senior Learning Consultant / Coach
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James Westberry is certified Coach, an ACTA certified professional learning facilitator, and DACE certified in curriculum development. He holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Auburn University (USA), a Master of Science (Environmental Engineering) from Nanyang Technological University, and a Master of Science in Sustainable Development from SOAS University of London (UK). He is also certified in Myers-Briggs Psychological Types (MBTI) and Everything DiSC.

James has held engineering, training and consulting positions as well as senior management roles in Operations, Human Resources and Administration in companies based in the USA and Singapore over the past 40 years. He combines his systems, project management and planning strengths with a psychological understanding of individuals and vast experience with diverse cultures. James has brought structural change, lead mindset transformation, and raised service standards in the companies for which he has been privileged to work. 

Based in Singapore for 30 years, James has trained and consulted extensively in Asia. He has a passion for developing leaders who desire to help their teams enhance strengths, overcome weaknesses, and achieve success through maximizing individual and team potential, with an emphasis on understanding and maximizing the skills of each team member. His personal motto is Life Consists of Relationships.

When conducting interactive learning sessions, James incorporates personal examples, facilitated group exercises and humor to engage participants and stimulate mindset change in regards to their role in their organization and work team. His areas of expertise are personal development, leadership development, teambuilding and community development. 

In addition to professional learning facilitation, James consults on rural community development for non-profit organizations leading developmental change in remote underdeveloped communities in Asia. In this consulting role, he collaborates with NGOs, government leaders, and local communities in bringing sustainable transformation for individuals and communities trapped in poverty.

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James has the unique talent of speaking like Donald Duck, which, unfortunately, he has yet to monetize. If the mood is right, and he can be sufficiently coerced, maybe he will provide a sample in one of your courses!


  • WSQ Leadership Courses (Levels 3-5)
  • WSQ Critical Core Skills (CCS) Courses
  • WSQ Business Management Courses
  • SeraphCorp’s bespoke programmes