The view looks different when you’re sitting on the kitchen floor. After many days of attempting to prep and eat a healthy lunch at the dining table by myself, I had finally given up and was eating my lunch (still healthy!) sitting on the floor in the relative cool of my kitchen. And that’s when I figured. Leaders need help too.

Leadership has always been challenging, and I reckon these last 2 years have been even more so. Pivot! Innovate! Hold your team together! Work from home! Stay productive! Make sure your team is productive! Stop the dog from barking while on Zoom! And for us parents, Help the Kids on Home Based Learning!

How do we stay on top of it all? I think sometimes we cant. Its ok to admit that. And to seek help. Sat on my kitchen floor and away from my tech devices (I was too lazy to get up and get them), I reflected on what has kept me going.

Personal Work / Coaching / Therapy: Staying emotionally healthy has come to the fore lately. I went through a really tough patch some months back when I just couldnt cope. It had been a long stretch of dealing with COVID and I was fraying at the edges. Thankfully I have a therapist (psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis) with whom I meet occasionally. She was kind enough to give me a quick urgent appointment. Therapists, counsellors and coaches can be real sources of support. And many can meet you online.

Work / Peer Buddies: I have a Transactional Analysis (TA) peer group online. We have laughed and cried together through the years, always holding the space for each other with unconditional positive regard. And at times, providing gentle guidance and objective insights. Other names for this could be a circle of trust, or your personal board of directors. Friends or peers who can support you, and whom you can support in turn.

Faith: I know this last point may not be for everyone. I have my own religious beliefs, and my faith has been an anchor and hope in the darkest night or in hot quiet afternoon when everyone else is at school / work and I had yet another issue to deal with.

What I’ve listed out is not perfect. Some days I still give up and eat lunch sitting on the kitchen floor. But it keeps me going. I hope you will get the support you need, and keep going too.

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