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CCS (Critical Core Skills) — The Future of Work

The Singapore economy and business environment are rapidly transforming, with increasing digitisation and adoption of technology at the workplace. As such, there is a need to redefine the key skills to keep up with the future economy.

The Critical Core Skills (CCS) is a new framework designed by SSG under the Generic Skills Competencies (GSCs), with an increased emphasis on soft skills as part of the future work in the digital era.

SeraphCorp has been appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to deliver Critical Core Skills training in Singapore and we’re here to answer all your questions regarding CCS. This blog will answer all your questions about Critical Core Skills (CCS) courses and how they can benefit you and your organisation. 

What is CCS? 

In today’s competitive landscape, individuals who demonstrate a combination of soft and hard skills are seen as talents in demand.

To support holistic workforce skills development, SkillsFuture Singapore has consulted closely with Singapore employers to formulate 16 Critical Core Skills (CCS) competencies which are deemed essential soft skills at the workplace.

Critical Core Skills (CCS) comprises 16 competencies across three skill clusters that workplaces deem essential. They are:

  1. Thinking Critically: Cognitive skills are the root of technical skill development and progression. It is needed to think broadly and creatively to see connections and opportunities during change.
  2. Interacting with Others: Learning from others is an effective way to acquire new skills, exchange ideas and build a shared understanding of a problem or situation.
  3. Staying Relevant: Managing oneself effectively and paying close attention to trends that impact work and living, to provide the strategies, direction and motivation for technical skill development.

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How can CCS benefit me?


Here are three ways our CCS courses can benefit you:

  1. Develop critical thinking skills to see connections and opportunities in the midst of change.
  2. Learn to interact effectively with others, exchange ideas, and build a shared understanding of problems.
  3. Stay relevant by managing yourself effectively and keeping up with the latest trends impacting work and living.

CCS courses are specially curated to empower learners to adapt and lead competently. With these skills you can future-proof your career, enhance your leadership, seize career development opportunities, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Organisations that prioritise CCS training for their employees gain a competitive edge by equipping their workforce with the skills necessary for effective leadership during corporate strategy shifts and rapid business transformations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to future-proof your career and stay ahead of the game with Critical Core Skills that have been identified by SkillsFuture Singapore as crucial for the future of work!

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What kind of funding is available for CCS? 


Courses are supported with funding schemes with up to 70% SkillsFuture funding eligibility. 

Here’s an example of what the course fee would look like after the funding:

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Who is CCS for? 


  • Individuals: Equip yourself with CCS to remain employable and acquire technical skills required to perform in job roles and adapt to changes and seize career development opportunities.
  • Employers: Build technical and CCS skills among your employees so that your organisation remains nimble and agile. Reskill and upskill your employees for business transformation.
  • Trainers and Coaches: Develop your soft skills to enhance your training and coaching methods. Stay updated with relevant skills and development needs and align with industry demands.

What CCS Courses do we offer at SeraphCorp Institute?


At SeraphCorp Institute, we offer the following CCS modules:

• CCS Coaching 101
Developing People (Intermediate) – GSC-DVP-I002-1
Coach and mentor team members on achieving personal, professional and organisational goals

In CCS Coaching 101, we take an in-depth look at how you can build coaching relationships with your team, help them identify and set goals, and provide them with the guidance and support they need. Finally, we look at how continuous feedback can help motivate and encourage your team to improve performance and accelerate organisational growth.

Learn more about CCS Coaching 101 here.

CCS Innovate At Work
Creative Thinking (Basic) – GSC-CTH-B002-1
Unlock the Innovative Potential of Your Team

In CCS Innovate at Work, you’ll learn tools to help you think more broadly and deeply to turn up solutions that might surprise you! Starting with an in-depth analysis of your current work processes, we’ll learn how to come up with new ideas, how to conduct experiments to test them, and how to measure the impact of each innovation so that you can find the most effective solution to work problems.

Learn more about CCS Innovate at Work here

CCS Collaboration
Collaboration (Intermediate) – CCS-DVP-I002-1
Harness the power of collaboration to build stronger teams

This course is designed to help you harness the power of collaboration to build stronger teams. You will learn how to structure teams based on a strengths-based approach. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of different team members, you will be able to invite the alignment of values with that of your organisation. Finally, you will be equipped to use communication skills to solve conflicts and give feedback. By the end of the course, you will have the tools and knowledge needed to cultivate a lasting and thriving culture of collaboration within your team.

Learn more about CCS Collaboration here. 

CCS The Pivotal You
Self-Management – CCS-SMT-I001-1
Improve your well-being, productivity and employability 

How do you stay competitive and employable with a personal brand while remaining true to yourself? Is a personal brand about “faking it till you make it”?

Here in Seraph, we believe that a strong personal brand is essentially a communication of who you are. This is based on understanding your own unique strengths, articulating your personal vision and values, and communicating it in a way that is aligned with your preferred communication style. Beyond that, CCS The Pivotal You is designed to help you improve your well-being, productivity and employability. The programme equips learners with self-evaluation and stress management techniques. It also includes productivity tools, and networking strategies to equip learners to analyse and improve their professional effectiveness.

Learn more about CCS The Pivotal You here

CCS Building an Inclusive Organisation
Building Inclusivity (Intermediate)- CCS-BDI-I001-1
Become an inclusive leader

Diversity and inclusion have become increasingly important as workplaces globalise. However, building an inclusive team requires inclusive leadership — leadership that promotes mutual respect and understanding, values every employee, and is free of bias. 

In CCS Inclusivity, participants will learn key concepts in social psychology and group dynamics to foster and sustain an inclusive culture. The course will delve into behaviours and practices that support diversity and inclusion in the organisation and will explore communication styles and interpersonal communication techniques that help managers facilitate greater inclusivity within their teams. 

Learn more about CCS Building an Inclusive Organisation here.

CCS Learning With Your Team
Learning Agility (Intermediate) – CCS-LGA-I001-1
Transform your team into a learning powerhouse 

Today, organisations require managers and teams who can continue to learn and remain relevant in the ever-changing business environment. Managers need learning agility not only for themselves but their teams so that they can collectively learn from their experiences and apply their knowledge to tackle novel and unfamiliar situations that lack pre-existing solutions. 

CCS Learning With Your Team equips managers with the tools and strategies to lead and guide their teams towards a culture of continuous learning and improvement, enabling them to stay relevant and succeed in the new economy. Participants will learn how to identify and implement learning opportunities to support their team members’ development, design individualised learning and development pathways, analyse the effectiveness of learning on work performance, and establish a cycle of continuous improvement to foster agile and effective professional development.

Learn more about CCS Learning With Your Team here.

CCS Advanced Data Analysis
Sense Making (Advance) – CCS-SMG-A002-1
Lead with Data

Data is now everywhere. Effective leaders need to be able to cut through the white noise and make sense of data to arrive at sound decisions. The crux of this skill lies in analysing numbers; yet on their own, figures provide little meaningful insight. It is through careful evaluation and analysis that patterns emerge, revealing vital information that aids managers in effective decision-making. 

CCS Sense Making empowers managers with the tools to uncover these patterns. By taking this course, you’ll learn to review and evaluate relevant data sources, identify all factors that impact your decisions, generate actionable insights through data analysis, and synthesise information to make informed decisions. With these skills, you’ll be able to make better decisions that are backed by data, ultimately driving success for your organisation.

Learn more about CCS Advanced Data Analysis here.

CCS Learning Agility for Organisations
Learning Agility (Advance) –  CCS-LGA-A001-1
Make learning your competitive advantage

Learning agility enables organisations to capitalise on every opportunity, continually evolve, and succeed in today’s volatile, uncertain, and unpredictable business world. Organisations that prioritise learning agility are more likely to be successful, as they are better equipped to respond to challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Our CCS Learning Agility for Organizations course equips senior managers with skills to foster a self-improvement culture, evaluate learning effectiveness, identify obstacles, integrate mentoring approaches, and establish cross-organizational learning opportunities for success. Participants will learn to champion self-reflection and development, continuously improve learning approaches, and recommend improvements by assessing emerging trends and theories.

Learn more about CCS Learning Agility for Organisations here.

SeraphCorp Institute Your partner on your Critical Core Skills Upskilling Journey


SeraphCorp has been serving our friends, clients, and partners in the area of leadership learning for 15 years and counting. And now we can do so in the area of Critical Core Skills (CCS).

We can work with you to plan your learning roadmap for becoming a better leader. We can also answer any questions you might have about Skillsfuture/UTAP Funding.

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