SeraphCorp Institute

Leaders leading Learning

A different kind of leadership learning.

Founded in 2007, SeraphCorp is a homegrown leadership consulting firm that specializes in leadership learning across sectors and industries.

What makes us different from the many corporate training and consulting firms in the market? And why do corporate giants and industry leaders choose us as their learning partner?

The SeraphCorp Advantage

The SeraphCorp team is constantly having brave and bold conversations with leaders across industries because of our consulting work and training. We know what leaders are looking for in terms of impactful transformative learning.

Our programmes are underpinned by theories in Transactional Analysis, a school of social psychology. It helps us to understand why leader think, feel and behave (and learn!) the way they do in their systems.


SeraphCorp uses a blend of experiential activities, games, discussions and case studies to transfer learning to leaders in a practical and psychologically safe manner.

We facilitate insightful and reflective conversations with our participants to help them learn. In order to do so effectively, SeraphCorp practises team-based facilitation for greater interaction and better quality conversations.

The use of Transactional Analysis as the underpinning theory in our thinking, design and delivery of leadership consulting also enables us to create transformative learning experiences for our participants.


One thing that defines us is our ethos. Simply put: it matters to us that we run an ethics-based practice.

Our clients trust us. They let us into their world. They trust that we will help them. And we are compelled to discharge honourably that trust.

This means a few things.

It means that on every project, we hold ourselves accountable to our clients and to the government. It means that we hire only people who share our values and our vision. And it means that we keep on learning.

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