Leaders Leading Learning

If what you learn has no relevance to your real world,
if it does not make your organisation healthier, more effective, more productive, why bother?

What is SeraphCorp?

SeraphCorp is a leadership consulting firm that specialises in helping companies learn. More specifically, we specialise in teaching corporate leaders learn how to be better leaders.

What makes us different from the many corporate training and consulting firms in the market? And why do corporate giants like Singapore Airlines, Meritus Hotels and Resorts and Singapore Pools choose us as their learning partner?

It’s because we offer a different kind of leadership learning. That is not all that sets us apart. We also march to a different beat in:

Let’s Get Real

Let’s get real: being a leader is tough.

Making changes in the organisation usually makes people uncomfortable . Plus leaders – like anyone else – worry, doubt themselves and make mistakes from time to time. Despite that, leaders have to make big decisions and take big risks all the time.

Likewise, learning to be a leader is tough. Learning is a disturbance to your frame of reference. Learning often means the unlearning of many things one holds dear. Learning can also bring about painful organisation-wide change. Fixing that takes more than the flinging of some fairy dust.

If learning to be a good leader was easy, the many cookie-cutter training packages offered in the marketplace would have fixed all problems. But they don’t.

We founded SeraphCorp because being a leader is complicated. Because learning to be a good learner is different from other types of learning. And because we really want to impact communities by building up leaders.