SeraphCorp Institute

start believing in the impossible

We founded SeraphCorp because being a leader is complicated.
Because learning to be a good learner is different from other types of learning.

Leadership consulting firm specialising in leadership learning underpinned by social psychology.

SeraphCorp is a leadership consulting firm that specialises in helping companies learn. More specifically, we specialise in teaching corporate leaders learn how to be better leaders. We offer a different kind of leadership learning. That is not all that sets us apart. We see ourselves as craftsmen facilitating the art of growing leaders.

Like craftsmen, we give each facet of our programmes the time and attention it deserves. Just as we offer each leader the time and attention he requires. Our goal is pure and simple: to have every organisation and every leader come away from our programmes fundamentally changed in some way. Like craftsmen, we manage the learning process with care, patience and precision.

Some of Our Clients:

Empowering Leaders through Specialized Learning Programs.

Leaders Leading Learning