SeraphCorp Institute designs and facilitates its signature programmes for senior leaders. The design and facilitation of these programmes are underpinned by theories in Transactional Analysis (Organisation and Education).

SeraphCorp Institute is a Workforce Development Agency (WDA) Programme Partner in the Leadership and People Management Workforce Skills Qualifications (LPM WSQ) framework. Under the LPM WSQ framework, SeraphCorp offers modules in completion of the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Team Leadership (LPM WSQ Level 3) for supervisors and leaders of small teams; the WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management (LPM WSQ Level 4) for middle managers currently leading teams, high potentials being groomed for leadership positions; and WSQ Specialist Diploma in Leadership and People Management (LPM WSQ Level 5) for Middle to senior managers who are managing leaders and business unit heads.