The SeraphCorp team is unique because we focus on leadership and people management.

Professionally, this means that consultants can build a significant body of knowledge from one project to the next. The diverse industries that we work in also gives us unparalleled exposure to a myriad of leadership and management issues. Some of these issues span across industries while others are industry-specific. We have found it very useful to use our past experiences to put the new information into context. It serves as an anchor.

We practise team-based facilitation.

Our teams of facilitators role model the behaviours that we advocate in our leadership programmes. Team-based facilitation also ensures that participants will get the attention they need on their learning journey, and that the full value is extracted from the experiential activities we conduct during our programmes.

We are recruited from diverse fields and industries.

SeraphCorp consultants are recruited from diverse fields and industries. They are trained in Transactional Analysis, counselling and/or executive coaching. The SeraphCorp consulting team comprises some of the best and most experienced and share a common vision to impact and empower lives.

The team is headed by Executive Director JM Grace Lam, Director (Learning, Curriculum and Research), Karen JE Lam, and inspiring industry veteran Director (Finance and Administration) Lam-Kong Seet Mui. They also serve as members of the Academic and Examination Board.

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